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The Holidays 2007 - This holiday season was a mix of many emotions in the Himsel household - filled with a tremendous amount of family love while learning first hand that every day is a true gift from God. Knowing that Christmas is a special time for children, we all worked hard to make Christmas a good one for Andrew.


October 2007 - The weather was great during the month and we enjoyed a fall festival at Andrew's school as well as a trip to the zoo, where Andrew enjoyed the playground more than the animals this time. And Andrew was "one cool dude" when he went to the dentist. He loved wearing shades to keep the light out of his eyes.


And the month ended with a very adorable dragon trick-or-treating at all his grandparent's houses.


September 2007 - A full month of travel to Ohio in September - we celebrated Andrei's birthday the first part of the month and finished up with another trip over there to be a part of TJ's baptism.


August 2007 - August found us with a busy schedule. We finally had a chance to take a well needed vacation to Nova Scotia - Andrew loved whale watching and "throwing rocks in the ocean" - which was his favorite pass time while we were there.


Getting pictures of whales was a little challenging - we have many pictures of just splashes of water. But we finally got the hang of it just in time to be able to get a great picture of a mother Pilot whale and her new born baby - our captain says its probably less than one week old.


July 2007 - July was a full month of fun - we started off with our annual "Buddy Family Day" at Betsy's, went swimming at his first water park, pony rides at school, celebrated the summer at Deb's Firm's Picnic, and ended the month with our annual FTIA Reunion Picnic. Andrew had a great time all month playing with everyone.




Memorial Day 2007 - This weekend we traveled to Southern Illinois for the Martin Family Reunion and visited with Granny. Papa decided it was a good time for Andrew's first fishing lesson - he caught 5 fish that day and loved every minute of it. Of course, he also was excited to make friends with "Princess" - although I'm not so sure Princess was nearly as happy to be boy-handled all day long.


Take me out to the Ballgame - Andrew spent some time with Daddy having his first baseball lesson - he has a little ways to go, but he certainly enjoyed himself. Daddy & Andrew have also planted a great garden this year and Andrew is proud to see his tomatoes grow.


Easter 2007 - Andrew sure had a good time this Easter. We went to MawMaw & Papa's house, and he had a great time decorating eggs with Aunt Nay. And he was surprised that the Easter bunny hid eggs both inside and outside this year.


Diego Time - March 2007 - boy Diego sure rules in our house. First Andrew got to go to his first "live"show when he went to see "Go, Diego, Go! Live" - he enjoyed seeing Baby Jaguar, Diego and all the animals. Which lead to him wanting nothing less than a full-blown Diego birthday party for his 3rd birthday. He especially was happy to have his friends Andrei and Blake help him open presents and blow out the candles.


January 2007 - Andrew enjoyed playing in the snow at MawMaw & Papa's house. He even made sure Papa got into a snowball fight with him. As the month came to an end, Andrew got into the "BLUE" spirit, although by the look on his face you would think he was a bit surprised by their win.


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