Our Journal

First Trip

9.21.04 - We got "the call". Tina, from FTIA, called and told us we had our travel dates. We travel to Russia from October 3-10. Our basic agenda is:
     Oct. 3 - fly from Chicago to Moscow (via London)
     Oct. 4 - arrive in Moscow - fly to Rostov
     Oct. 5 - appt with Minister of Education, receive referral info, travel to orphanage
     Oct. 6,7,8 - stay in Rostov
     Oct. 9 - depart for Moscow
     Oct. 10 - fly from Moscow to London
     Oct. 11 - fly from London to Chicago, and back home again

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Second Trip

11.24.04 - We received a call from Tina with our court date. Tina had called a few days earlier to tell us that Andrew's release papers had arrived in Rostov and that we were expected to get our court date assigned within the following week. Today was the day. Our court date is scheduled for December 9th, and we are going to take a few extra days to travel to Germany on the way over to see some friends that we haven't seen in quite awhile. So our basic agenda is:
     Dec. 2 - fly from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany
     Dec. 3-6 - visit in Frankfurt and Munich, Germany
     Dec. 7 - fly from Frankfurt to Moscow, and on to Rostov
     Dec. 8 - visit with Andrew in orphanage
     Dec. 9 - official "Gotcha Day"
     Dec. 9-19 - stay in Rostov, visiting Andrew, getting birth certificate, Russian passport, adoption certificate, and copies of court documents
     Dec. 20 - officially pick up Andrew, fly to Moscow
     Dec. 21 - interview at American Embassy
     Dec. 22-23 - registration with Russian government
     Dec. 24 - depart for home

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